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“Don’t be afraid of CHANGE, it is leading you to a new beginning.” - Joyce Meyer
And here we stand at the doorstep of a new beginning called ‘ZiPi’.
Today there’s everything that has an app for it, but there’s no app that has everything in it. Keeping this in mind we changed Zootout into your one-stop app, ZiPi. It takes care of everyday needs, that include entertainment, food, shopping & travel for you and saves time that you would have otherwise spent jumping between various apps. more

My partners and I decided to launch Zootout at a time when the new world technology had just started taking shape. Everybody knew about the scope of evolution the technology industry would go through, but none of us had forecasted the tremendous speed it would take. Our aim was to utilize technology at its full efficiency to help bridge the gap between customers and businesses. Our idea was new and uncommon at the beginning but certainly it was ‘user friendly’.

We started Zootout not as any other search engine but as a “Local Lifestyle Recommendation Engine.” We went a step ahead from the other players showing just menus and vital information, to help user answer this important question “What’s Good Here ?”

I believe that companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making slight changes from time to time. But in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the future growth, you need to be a bit unconventional to keep your business up and running.

All this could not have been possible without the help of my two young and passionate partners Sumay Dubey and Pranav Singhi. My team has been my backbone who have given me the strength in taking some crazy decisions. We are still trying to do things other people think are crazy, but we are completely hopeful about it. Because we know all the crazy ideas of today, are destined to become the most innovative businesses of tomorrow.

We have been working on ZiPi for sometime now, there are a few new people that have joined hands with us. As a result of continual research and keeping in mind the preferences of customers, we are finally launching our new product which will revolutionize the way customers search things on mobile. For us this is a very exciting new chapter in the life of Zootout—the birth of ZiPi. We liked the word ZiPi as it carries an exciting concept behind the name. ZiPi is formed by fusing two words Zip and Pi; ZiP is used to wrap a pile of things to lock them together. And Pi is used for something indefinite or undetermined. In simple words, we are wrapping a heap of indefinite things in one place to make it easy for users; something we strive to attain ever since the launch of Zootout.

ZiPi is a smart app browser where you can search for anything and still if you are not able to get through, you can just chat with our online chat agents and get things done right away. My sole aim was to create an app that facilitates users to get everything done within the app itself, without even having to open any other window. Now you must be thinking that ZiPi is yet another mobile browser right? What’s new about it?

Well, ZiPi is not just another browser that you have on your phones. It’s a smart browser. Like with the arrival of Internet-of-Things (IOT) era, the upcoming smart devices are embedded with features that automatically take appropriate actions for users. In the same way our Smart browser is way different from conventional browsers that just follow instructions. ZiPi is better able to understand your needs and comes up with customized results most relevant to what you are searching. Yes, ZiPi is an intelligent browser designed that way.

Let me differentiate ZiPi from a usual browser with the help of this example. When you google “amazon” on a mobile browser, you get results and you have to click on amazon.com result to visit the website. But when you search for amazon on ZiPi, you will find all the offers/discounts that amazon is providing at the bottom of the app. without having to wander over the internet searching for those coupon codes and best deals websites.

What could be better? With the opportunities unfolding in front of us to serve customers better through innovation, we assure you we won’t stop changing !

Sukrat Ray
Sukrat Ray
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